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Review: Molly Snow's "BeSwitched Witch" (Beswitched Book #2)

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Print Length: 113 pages
Publisher: Breezy Reads (December 9, 2011)
Review Copy Courtesy Of: Molly Snow, Author, in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis Courtesy Of Goodreads:

When the sassy black cat, Surla, ends up crossing paths with her ex-witch, the outrageous and hot-tempered Idis, it triggers again the curse of being BeSwitched.

Idis was supposed to be dead in a drawer at the morgue, and Surla was supposed to be having some bonding time with her new human best friend, Cathy. Instead, these two enemies are forced to get along or stay switched forever while in search for the last spell book... If only the curious and handsome new guy in school, Jax Morreau, would stop distracting Surla from their plan.

Saph's Review:

Please read my review of Book #1 "BeSwitched".  BeSwitched, was mainly about Cathy, the human who crossed paths with Surla the black cat and, according to legend, caused cat and human to switch bodies (Think Freaky Friday with a teen and a cat vs. a teen and her mom).  There were many typical teenage scenarios and learning experiences.

BeSwitched Witch starts off a bit differently.  Cathy and Surla have finally been able to switch bodies and are back to being inside their respective skin; Cathy is human and Surla is feline. Idis was supposedly killed in the explosion that ended book 1 and Cathy and Surla were now able to live quietly together not having to worry about looking over their shoulders for a crazy witch.  That is until Surla goes chasing after Cathy and inadvertently crosses paths with Idis--who's apparently not dead--and the 2 of them switch places. 

On the quest to find the only other Book of Spells (the one that Idis had was destroyed in book 1), Idis, Surla, and Cathy come upon a warlock and his son.  Jax and the now-human Surla hit it off and it proves to be quite the distraction.  Meanwhile, Cathy and her boyfriend, Todd, who don't appear as much in this installment, stumble across an antique ring with a unique symbol while on a fishing trip.  As Cathy gets sicker and sicker throughout the book, Surla and Jax discover that the ring belonged to Jax's grandfather and it is cursed; causing illness to plague the wearer that is not of the family line. 

Jax is one of my favorites and he's very likeable.  He has a wacked out dad (but who hasn't said that about their parents at one time or another in their lives?!) that just seems creepy.  Ms. Snow wrote Mr. Morreau perfectly especially when you read the book and find out what role he really plays within the novel.  Surla and Idis finally get a really good look at the way each of them lives and you see them grow and appreciate things much better.  Cathy, as I said, doesn't play a huge part in Book 2 but her appearances were well staged. 

As with Book 1, Book 2 ends on a cliffhanger....and yes, I have Book 3 and will be reviewing it on June 19 along with having the wonderful author as a guest on the blog.  Stay tuned.....

Another great book by Molly Snow.  Suitable for middle grade ages and up.



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