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Tribute Book Tour - Review: Gahan Hanmer's "The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality"

Publisher: Two Harbors Press
ISBN: 9781937293642
Pages: 360
Release: April 2, 2012
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The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality Book Summary

Sometimes it's funny how fast things can change, and sometimes it's not...

Welcome to Albert Keane's beautifully designed medieval kingdom nestled in a completely isolated river valley in the Canadian wilderness. Peaceful, happy, and prosperous, it takes nothing from the modern world, not so much as a single clock.

There is a castle, of course, and a monastery. There is even a pitch dark, rat-infested dungeon - because you simply have to have one if you are trying to rule a feudal kingdom!

Farmers work the land, artisans ply their trades, monks keep school and visit the sick, and nobody (well, almost nobody) misses the modern world at all.

So why has Jack Darcey - actor, wanderer, ex-competitive fencer - been tricked and seduced into paying a visit? And why hasn't anyone told him that the only way to leave is a perilous trek across hundreds of miles of trackless wilderness without a compass or a map?

Saph's Review:

Jack Darcey is a down-on-his-luck man taking possession of property he inherited. While attempting to get settled he's kidnapped (sort-of) and taken to the home of a former schoolmate, Albert, and his partner, Jenna.  Here is when Jack is tricked into leaving with them to Albert's isolated kingdom out in the middle of nowhere.  This kingdom has been several years in developing so when the trio arrive, leaving modern day convenience behind them forever, Jack sees a brand new world.  This world was expertly written by Mr. Hanmer and portrayed quite well.  I had no problem picturing King Albert's realm and everyone in it.
"The Kingdom On The Edge Of Reality" is light and easy fantasy suitable for adults.  The concept is fresh and new:  Leaving the modern world behind to live in an isolated area of Canada, reverting back to the medieval way of life. There are absolutely no modern amenities; clocks, mass manufactured clothing, etc.  Everything is 100% old school.  This novel was action-packed but not over the top.  There was humor, sometimes at the expense of Jack, he is after all the newest member of the kingdom and not entirely privy to the way of life. 

I kept envisioning the Renaissance Festival that is held here in Michigan every summer.  I worked there when I was 17, 18, & 19 (basically...many, many moons ago).  Everything appears primitive (as primitive as it can be with the health department breathing down your backs each and every day) and you truly get the feeling of hard work, simplicity, and, as in the book, a complete sense of being in a time warp.

If you enjoy the medieval time period and fantasy fiction then this book will be right up your alley.


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Author Gahan Hanmer Bio:

Gahan Hanmer enjoyed a colorful career in the theater as actor, director, designer and technician, and also wandered extensively searching for love, happiness and truth. He unintentionally became a grown-up raising two beloved daughters and now lives in the high chaparral desert of California.

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Amber, I can certainly see how this book would bring back your memories of working at the Renaissance Festival in your teens. Thanks for the review :)