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Review: "We Bury The Landscape" by Kristine Ong Muslim

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Print Length: 168 pages
Publisher: Queen's Ferry Press (March 30, 2012)
Review Copy Courtesy Of:  Kristine Ong Muslim, Author
Synopsis Courtesy Of Goodreads:
We Bury the Landscape is an exhibition of literary art. Ekphrasis, collected. One hundred flash fictions and prose poems presented to view. From the visual to the textual, transmuting before the gallery-goer’s gaze, the shifting contours of curator Kristine Ong Muslim’s surreal panorama delineate the unconventional, the unexpected, and the unnatural. Traversing this visionary vista’s panoply of “rooms of unfinished lives,” the reader unearths and examines and reanimates—revealing the transcendent uncanniness that subsists underfoot.
Saph's Review:

I must admit that I am not educated on anything involving art, the artists, or interpretations but thought the concept of "We Bury The Landscape" to be fresh and new.  It was something that brings together poetry and paintings and helped educate me.

The author, Kristine Ong Muslim, does an amazing job interpreting the paintings as she sees them.  Each painting comes alive with what she sees in her mind's eye and she has put them into writing.  The book reads like poetry and she allows us the chance to envision the pieces as she did.   I was able to see things from a different perspective. I enjoyed each passage and the book, overall, was a nice and quick read.  
What was time consuming, however, was looking up paintings as I went along.  For someone educated on art I'm sure reading the poetry within this book would have been smooth sailing.  For those like myself, having to look the paintings up was tedious and I stopped before finishing the book.  It would have been nice to see the paintings in the book so that I could easily make references, correlations, and observations without having to stop reading.

Other than me being lazy and wanting my artwork and reading it too, this is a unique look into interpretations of various paintings.


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