Friday, January 6, 2012

Best Seller For A Day & Review: "The Mancode:Exposed" by Rachel Thompson + 99¢ eBooks + A CHANCE TO WIN A KINDLE

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Synopsis Via Indie Book Collective:


Is it possible to truly expose men?

Thompson explores controversial questions like:

· Can we outrun our DNA?

· Will we women always be slaves to our talkative nature (après sex)?

· Will men never be free of the chains of emotional withholding?

· Can we transfer man's paper towel changing abilities from garage to kitchen?

But more than that, it's about all the levels in which we communicate...viewed through Thompson's looking glass of humor and deconstructed with her special brand of snark.

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Language: English

Saph's Review:

I knew this was going to be good just by reading the Table of Contents!!

Rachel Thompson dissects the actions and mannerisms of our sexy men in a laugh-out-loud (much to my sexy male's chagrin) subtitled section of snarky anecdotes. She talks about so many topics that are common in most relationships - sex, chickspeak vs mancode, chocolate, and farting to name a few.

2 of my favorite passages:

Pg. 16 (I read this one to my husband and he cracked up right along with me):

"Personally, I find it most interesting that people (and by people I mean my husband) don't sneeze in their sleep, but can still let one rip without waking up." Then Rachel goes on about more than enough beds and air freshener in their home.

Definition of Manesia:

"Guys expect their mates to know everything they do (despite not telling us and thinking they have)."

This book is snarky, sarcastic, funny, and a very easy read that will leave you laughing, shaking your head, and agreeing with her various takes on Men and their Mancode.


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The Myth of Mr Mom by Jeremy Rodden et al
The Myth of Mr. Mom is a collaborative non-fiction essay anthology written by stay-at-home dads that shares the personal stories of eight men from around the world.
The goal of the book is to help bring awareness to the fact that men are just as capable as women of being the primary caregiver, homemaker, and stay-at-home parent. We feel that there is a societal bias against stay-at-home dads that does not exist for stay-at-home mothers and seek to bring our stories to the public.
Filled with humorous anecdotes and eye-opening personal experiences, The Myth of Mr. Mom is simultaneously inspiring and entertaining.

Pups in Teacups by Carolyn McCray  
Dr. Carolyn McCray has treated thousands of small dogs over the years and seen some big heroic acts from tiny dogs. And lots and lots of silliness. After years of simply telling her stories to friends and colleagues she was finally convinced to put these tender and playful stories into a collection.
 Hence Pups in Tea Cups: Tales of "Littleness" overcoming BIG odds was born.

Muse Food by Amber Scott and Jess McCallum 
Has a funk has been following you like a shadow ever since that last rejection letter showed up in your inbox?
Does just the thought of writing make your stomach hurt?
Your critique partner insists you should try an outline because it would help you so, so much yet the very idea makes you gag. Ugh.
Never fear! MUSE FOOD is here!

The Dee View by Dee Dee Robson
Dee Dee is just a bitter mother, a chick with a potty mouth, who didn’t expect it to be this hard. She love Martinis (she swears, she didn’t drink before she had kids), parties (socially sanctioned places to gather and drink) and kids who are quiet. She is a full-figured girl, redefining Fat Chic while wearing very high heels or the world’s most expensive orthopedic shoes.
Dee Dee has an opinion on everything, and as you can probably tell already, she's dying to share it in "The Dee View!"

Our Indie Experience - an Anthology  
The trend is hot, being on the fence is difficult. Your wait is over.
How did Kindle bestselling authors like Carolyn McCray and Amber Scott get their indie start?
What trials and challenges have Rachel Thompson and George Sirois faced along the way?
Eleven indie authors share their indie experience with you, to learn from, laugh over and nod your head in agreement.


Barb said...

Thanks so much for a great post! I loved your comments on Mancode :) Beware of spontaneous laughter with this one....if reading in public people will stare at you!

Barb said...

Thx sweets -- it's so great to hear such wonderful feedback! I love it when women tell me they read portions to their guys. That's just awesome.

I hope your readers take advantage of the whole bestseller for a day she-bang today -- too many great books for a buck!

Vicki Keire said...

Ok, that was funny. I had forgotten the one about the need for air freshener... and I never realized before that people don't sneeze in their sleep, but they don't. How weird. Great feature here, Saph! I loved reading about all the other books available too!