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Pre-Order Blitz ~ Moms On Missions (Mommageddon Series, #1) by Jess Molly Brown

Welcome to the Pre-Order Blitz for Moms On Missions!

Book Details:

Title: Moms On Missions
Series: Mommageddon Series #1
By: Jess Molly Brown
Publication Date: May, 2016
Genre: Contemporary/Humor Women's Fiction

Artist Vince Russo wants to advance his career but his devout mother, Diana, wants grandchildren. Vince lives in Niagara Falls, the Romance Capital of the World, and he doesn’t even date! Diana joins the Moms on Missions (“MOM”), who strive to better the lives of their clients’ kids. MOM installs Vince’s fantasy girl upstairs in the duplex where he lives. Their pick for Vince is sick of dancing to her mother’s tune, so she certainly won’t admit she finds her sensitive, playful neighbour sexy. However, she’d love to make him her pseudo-boyfriend to get MOM off her back. Will these young rebels come together organically, or is there no hope for their moms?
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“F*ck you!” Drum Boy slams Mrs. P.'s door in his superintendent’s face. Vince stares open-mouthed at the door in front of him, then turns on the landing to find Paeng at the foot of the stairs, dressed for bed, with no glasses. Steaming, Vince tromps back down the stairs, in time to hear the drumming start again. “What a nerve this guy's got! Little shit.” Now Drum Boy is singing, too. Badly. Vince stops, wondering whether to turn around and march back up there to rattle his teeth. Instead, he stomps back into his unit, Paeng at his back, and calls Damon. “Vince, hey, how’s it hangin’?” Damon asks cheerfully. “Want to hit The Hill for a few beers? I’m dying to get out for a bit.” “No. Do you hear this?” Vince holds up his phone to the ceiling, hoping it picks up the noise. Boom boom chuck budda boom boom chuck budda “I don’t need a frickin’ girlfriend!” Boom boom chuck budda boom boom chuck . . . “My neighbour is an asshole!” “What is that?” Damon asks stupidly. “It's your new tenant,” Vince growls. “He drums twenty-four seven. I have explained this to you, Damon. Twice. The last time Paeng and I had two minutes’ peace was the day before he moved in. I am losing it, man. I’m going to go postal soon. If I do, you are going to have to explain why to our mothers, and you are going to have to comfort them both while I’m getting corn-holed in Kingston Pen for capping the little bastard, capisce?” “Whoa-ho-ho, there Vince! Did you say there's a guy living up there? It was supposed to be Mrs. Maggione’s friend Gloria’s daughter, Mary. She’s gor—” Damon checks himself, and Vince scowls. “Um, I mean uh . . . Trudy?” he calls to his wife. “Get me another beer!” Vince counts to ten. “Did Moms on Missions set this up?” There is silence for a couple beats. From Damon, not Drum Boy. The noise from above is as obnoxious as ever. Damon sighs. “Yeah, you know it. I didn't even meet the Chiclet.” “No, no, it’s a guy! And the name on the mailbox says D. Darren, not M. diGiordano. Why didn’t you come to check out the tenant?” “My mother wouldn't put a crackhead in there, ya know?” “And a drummer makes a better tenant because . . .”

Don’t be fooled by the seeming tranquility, Jess is scheming. There are a lot of characters in her head and all of them are yelling for attention.
She edits for professional authors and is always tutoring somebody. She got her start six years ago, in fan fiction, and is proud of it.
Four great kids, one husband *coughbiggestkidofallcough* and two dogs ensure that the house is always messy. The garden’s overflowing with blooms, but weedy. The grass always needs cutting, provided it’s not buried beneath snow. She lives in Canada, eh? The dogs are walked, the kids get fed, the hubbs hasn’t killed anybody yet, the books Jess reads she reviews, and somehow, the people in her head manage to make it into stories. Occasionally, she embarrasses her kids by doing Zumba in front of their friends. It’s just how she rolls.
Come join her quest for world domination at

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Book Tour & #Giveaway: Passion of a Scottish Warrior (The MacLomain Series Later Years, Book 4) by Sky Purington @SkyPurington

Book Details:

Passion of a Scottish Warrior
The MacLomain Series
Later Years, Book 4
Sky Purington 

Genre: Time-travel Fantasy Romance

Date of Publication: May 16, 2016


Number of pages: 290
Word Count: 93,000

Cover Artist: Tamra Westberry

Book Description:

Determined to protect Jackie from evil, Darach Hamilton flees MacLomain Castle without telling anyone his destination. As foretold by Celtic Goddess Brigit, that should have made the enemy pursue him. But nothing is as it seems. When he learns the dark demi-god went after Jackie instead, he races to her side only to discover something unexpected. Things have changed. There might be hope for them. Maybe he can finally be with her. After all, he’s been dreaming about her for years. The only problem? He already pushed her into another man’s arms.

Over a month has passed since Jackie traveled back in time from modern day New Hampshire to medieval Scotland. Since then, it’s been a non-stop adventure. Now she’s in ninth-century Scandinavia with Heidrek, a Viking set to inherit the throne. A man that Darach is determined she be with despite the unforgettable kiss they shared. Then there’s the newfound Claddagh ring on her finger. It is foretold that its stone can only be ignited by the love of a MacLomain. Darach is by birth, the only remaining MacLomain not taken. Yet despite the power the ring’s glow could harness, she wants nothing to do with it. Not in light of her terrible secret. One she prays will keep any man from loving her because it will mean their ultimate ruin.

Many revelations come to light when Jackie, Darach, and Heidrek travel through time to keep the future King, wee Robert the Bruce safe. Determined to spare them heartbreak, Jackie refuses both men. Yet one of them ends up invoking unavoidable passion. A timeless draw. One she tries to fight. But some things are meant to be and Fate has a plan for them all. Epic love. Ultimate war. Inescapable death. Twists nobody saw coming. An ending that will either see Scotland through to what it is today or rewrite history altogether.

Find out how everything unfolds in Passion of a Scottish Warrior, the final installment in the MacLomain Series: Later Years.

Read an Excerpt:

Jackie shook her head as she looked into Darach’s eyes. Being in his arms was the last place she needed to be. Yet the crowd pushed them closer and the man she had been dancing with vanished. She swallowed hard when his arm wrapped around her waist and twirled her away from a couple that stumbled by them laughing.
The pipes trilled.       
The crowd was wild.
And she was tight against Darach.
Not a good place to be. Or was it? She swallowed again and kept her arms down because if she lifted them, what would she touch? The sides of his muscled torso…his strong forearms…his wide shoulders?
“You dinnae need to keep shaking your head no,” he murmured. “I willnae…”
When he trailed off, she realized that he had no idea what he would or would not do. Besides the arm that he wrapped around her waist, his other hand didn’t touch her at all.
His head was bent near hers, his lips so close to her ear that she could feel his hot breath down the side of her neck. Chills and heat raced over her simultaneously as she tried to sift through her feelings.
Push away. Touch his chest and push away.
But again, if she touched him…what then? Would pulling away still be an option?
The pipes seemed to trill louder, and the fire in the center of the room sparked higher as the celebrations became a boisterous background to the quiet she suddenly felt on the inside. A strange silence made up of her heartbeat and the indentation where his neck met his collarbone. She inhaled deeply and turned her face inward, chasing his scent and heat.
She barely felt the slight touch of his hand on the back of her head as she nuzzled in, desperate to get closer to…something. It almost felt like a memory. One just out of reach. Lips open, she flicked her tongue, eager to sample. Eager to capture his scent. Curious what it tasted like.
Only when he whispered, “Bloody hell, lass,” did her eyes snap open and she realized what she was doing. By that time, it was too late. He tightened his hold, dug his hand into her hair, tilted back her head and met her eyes. Their lips were inches apart when he whispered, “What are you doing to me?”
Jackie had no idea. What was she doing to him? What was he doing to her? She’d never felt anything like it. So much. Almost too much. Yet it felt like something not entirely real. As if she recalled snippets of a dream.
Their lips drifted closer, eager but tentative.
Wanting but unsure.
His eyelids drifted down. So did hers.
There…almost there.

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Meet the Author:

Sky Purington is the best-selling author of over twenty novels and several novellas. A New Englander born and bred, Sky was raised hearing stories of folklore, myth and legend. When combined with a love for nature, romance and time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books.

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Interested in keeping up with Sky's latest news and releases?

Visit Sky's website, to download her free App on iTunes and Android or sign up for her quarterly newsletter. Love social networking? Find Sky on Facebook and Twitter.

Tour Giveaway:

A $25 gift card to winner’s choice of Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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Exclusive Excerpt from Inquisitor’s Niece by Erika Rummel

Inquisitor’s Niece by Erika Rummel

Book Information:

Publisher: Bygone Era Books, Ltd. (March 31, 2016) 
Category: Historical Fiction 
ISBN: 978-1-941072-38-7 
Tour Dates: May/June, 2016 
Available in: Print & ebook, 394 Pages 

About the Book:

The path of true love never runs straight. Alonso and Luisa love each other, However there are a few obstacles to their happiness: the husband she was forced to marry; her uncle, the Regent of Spain; and Alonso’s Jewish family. Mix in the meddlesome Natale, whose loyalty is always to the highest bidder, and you have a story of a courageous couple determined to be happy together, despite the cards being stacked against them. Using the tumultuous period of Spain immediately following the deaths of Ferdinand and Isabella as her canvas, Erika Rummel paints a portrait of an era where Cardinals hold supreme power, Jews are forcibly converted to Christianity, and the spies of the Inquisition are everywhere. 

Read an Excerpt:


Seville, 1514
“Come in, Fray Natale,” Doctor Malki said to his visitor. He couldn’t help smiling at the sight of the plump little Franciscan who greeted him with a flutter of his fingers and entered the house with mincing steps. 
Alonso Malki had no liking for the Franciscan Order. They were a boorish lot of hypocrites making a show of their piety and devotion, but Natale was the exception to the rule. He was a man of rare accomplishments who could turn out polished Latin phrases and recite Homer in the original Greek. He was a fellow book lover who shared the doctor’s interest in ancient manuscripts.
He ushered Natale into his study.
“So you are off to Alcala, my friend, depriving me of your learned company?”
Natale dropped into a chair and stretched his legs.  “I would have preferred to stay in Seville, but my skills are not valued here.”
“And Alcala offers you greener pastures?”
“Only if Cardinal Cisneros takes me into his service.”
At the mention of the Cardinal’s name, the doctor’s blood ran cold. Cisneros was a patron of learning and a scholar in his own right, but he was the Inquisitor General and a bitter enemy of the Jews. It was at his prompting that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella had passed the infamous decree that forced Jews to convert to Christianity or be exiled. The law had driven Alonso’s family underground. After submitting to baptism, the Malkis moved to Las Palmas and quietly practiced the religion of their fathers there. They thought they could escape the watchful eye of the Inquisition in the outlying territories of Spain, but the Church had a thousand spies, and the Malkis had come under investigation. More often than not those investigations ended in arrest, interrogation, and torture. All it took was the testimony of a disgruntled servant or a malicious neighbour, and the judge might pronounce the accused guilty of heresy and hand him over to the secular authorities to be burned at the stake. There was to be a public burning that very day in front of the cathedral. Believers were encouraged to witness the spectacle and demonstrate their own faith by reviling the condemned, but Alonso shuddered at the thought of watching the suffering of another human being. He was a physician, and his mission was to relieve suffering. And what was “heresy” after all? No, better not dwell on that dangerous question!
Alonso suppressed his private thoughts and recalled himself to his duties as a host. The servant had brought in a carafe of sweet Malaga wine. The doctor lifted his glass and drank to Natale’s health and prospects in Alcala.
 “I wish the Cardinal would employ me on his great project,” the Franciscan said. “You’ve heard of his plan to publish a polyglot Bible?”
Alonso nodded. “A Bible with parallel columns in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. It’s an ambitious undertaking.”
“He has hired a team of scholars to put together the text on the basis of old manuscripts. His library is well-stocked, but his agents are scouring the bookstalls for more. -- Don’t you have an ancient Hebrew Bible in your possession, Alonso?”
It was a delicate question to put to a converso who was supposed to forget his Jewish past. 
 The precious Bible had been handed down in Alonso’s family for many generations. It was concealed in a recess behind his bed, wrapped up in a prayer shawl.  He had no intention of parting with the book or even letting on to Natale that it was still in his possession. Times were perilous, and a man’s devotion to a Hebrew Bible might be construed as an act of heresy.
“I no longer have the Bible manuscript,” he said to Natale. “When we converted to Christianity, my father cast the tefillot and machzorim and selichot into the bonfire, together with all his books.”
 “What! He cast the Old Testament into the flames? I would have thought that the Word of God was sacrosanct even when written in Hebrew characters.”
“The bishop thought differently.”
 The bells of Santa Maria de la Sede began to toll. Through the windows of his study, Alonso could see the solid walls and flying buttresses of the cathedral. The bells were tolling for the heretics, an invitation to repent before they were burned at the stake.
Natale heaved his rump out of the seat. 
“Are you coming to witness their punishment, Alonso?”
“I prefer to reflect on their fate in private.”
Natale wagged a plump finger at Alonso. “My advice is: go and show your face even if you feel sorry for the sinners.”
“I dislike the carnival atmosphere surrounding executions. The common people behave like animals and take a beastly pleasure in the suffering of others.”
“So you are sorry for the heretics,” Natale said.
The doctor bit his lip.
Natale gave him a probing look. “And now you are sorry that you opened your mouth.”
“I have no reason to regret what I said, and I’m not afraid of speaking my mind.”
“You need not be afraid of me. But think of your neighbours, Alonso. You don’t want them to say: Why is the doctor staying home? Is he in sympathy with the heretics?”
“In that point you are right,” Alonso said. “We live in a wretched age when it is not enough to be honourable. One must appear to be honourable as well.”
“Then come along,” Natale said and led the way to the Plaza Mayor.
This excerpt will continue on May 27 at

Praise for Head Games:

"Head Games is a unique and entertaining adventure with heart. There are the thrills of the adventure itself and we get to see the depth of the characters as they experience their fast paced South American quest. The story felt new and fresh!"-Valerie Mitchell, Mama Likes This 

"This is a fast paced page turner. A suspenseful, thrilling roller coaster ride with lots of twisty, loopy sections. Head Games is an apt title for this enthralling read. "- Joy Renee, Joy Story 

“Identity’s a big theme in this work, so if you’ve ever felt you were someone other than yourself, if you thought you might like to try living in someone else’s skin, if you’ve wondered whether your friends and loved ones were not exactly who they claimed to be, then this psychological labyrinth might just be your winding road to a good read”.- Carole Giangrande, Words to Go

Meet the Author:

Erika Rummel is the author of more than a dozen non-fiction books and three novels: 'Playing Naomi', 'Head Games', 'The Inquisitor’s Niece'. She won the Random House Creative Writing Award (2011) for a chapter from 'The Effects of Isolation on the Brain', which is forthcoming. She is the recipient of a Getty Fellowship and the Killam Award. Erika grew up in Vienna, emigrated to Canada and obtained a PhD from the University of Toronto. She taught at Wilfrid Laurier and U of Toronto. She divides her time between Toronto and Los Angeles and has lived in Argentina, Romania, and Bulgaria. 

Buy Links for Inquisitor’s Niece:

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Book Blast & #Giveaway ~ The Descendant Prophecies by Mary Ting ~ Pre-Order From Titans, Book 4


About From Titans (Book #4) by Mary Ting 

Everyone is searching for Mason. Zeus sent Hermes, and the Oracles have used their magic, with no success. A sparkle of hope arises when Eris, the goddess of Chaos, sends an invitation to her wedding engagement party. She’s holding Mason hostage, and Skylar and her friends only need permission to enter Eris’s world to rescue him. At the party, Eris gives them one condition: In exchange for Mason, they must travel to the Land of Reverse and bring back the bottle of gold water King Midas used to wash himself free of his gift. Further chaos follows when Eris not only sets up a hunt in the Labyrinth of Crete, but makes a bargain with the Titans she rescued. The Titans possess power more than anyone anticipated, and Cronus is hungry for revenge after his own children locked him up in Tartarus. No one is safe. Not even the humans. Summary for Book 1: Did you just see a flash of lightning across the sky on a clear sunny day? Don’t blame Mother Nature. Skylar Rome can’t wait to spend her last summer before college with her cousin, Kayla. Everything changes when they meet the Grand brothers. Skylar is sure she should stay away from Mason Grand, but their attraction is undeniable. Then Skylar’s life erupts into turmoil. She steps into a world where descendants of ancient gods have super powers, evil beings chase her, and questions arise about her own identity. She is running out of time and running for her life, while trying to unravel the mystery of what they want from her. Forced into a battle set into motion long before she was born, will Skylar find the answers she seeks, or will she die trying?

Pre-Order on Amazon:

  Praise for the Series:

"From Gods takes mythology to a whole new level of imagination with its incredible plot and amazing characters. It's full of hotness that you never want to end!" Michele, Insane About Books "From Gods by the AMAZING AUTHOR Mary Ting is OMGods good!!

If you even LIKE Greek Mythology, set aside some time because you will DEVOUR Mary Ting's Demi Gods and Vultures!!!" Mindy, Books Complete Me

Grab a FREE copy of From Gods this weekend ONLY!

From Gods

About From Gods (Book #1) by Mary Ting: 

Did you just see a flash of lightning across the sky on a clear sunny day? Don’t blame Mother Nature. Skylar Rome can’t wait to spend her last summer before college with her cousin, Kayla. Everything changes when they meet the Grand brothers. Skylar is sure she should stay away from Mason Grand, but their attraction is undeniable. Then Skylar’s life erupts into turmoil. She steps into a world where descendants of ancient gods have super powers, evil beings chase her, and questions arise about her own identity. She is running out of time and running for her life, while trying to unravel the mystery of what they want from her. Forced into a battle set into motion long before she was born, will Skylar find the answers she seeks, or will she die trying?

Amazon Link:

Read an Excerpt:

“Mason, MASON, MASON!” Skylar panicked. “I know. Skylar, hold on tight. I’m going to brake.” “But there are cars behind us.” “We have no choice. Don’t worry. I got this.” Mason pushed down on the brake forcefully. The car hydroplaned to the right. “Hold on.” Skylar gripped the first thing her hand found. The water from the road jetted up into the air like in a water show, but the car kept gliding sideways, until finally it spun in a full circle and stopped. With no time to waste, Mason turned it to the right and accelerated, hoping to dodge what was coming toward them. Out of nowhere, a long piece of ice, taking the form of a spear, darted through the trucks’ tires and punctured some of them. More ice spears came soaring out of the rain, but this time ten or more sphere-like ice balls followed, denting the sides of the trucks. One went through a windshield. With flat tires, the trucks now glided as if skating on ice, maneuvering from side to side. “Did you do that?” Skylar asked excitedly. “No. Must be Poseidon’s kids. Where the hell are they?” Mason spread his right arm out in front of Skylar as if to protect her. “Bend down, Sky.” One of the trucks hit another and veered off, hitting yet another one. The crash caused the trucks to flip and tumble, heading straight for Mason’s car. With a look of shock, Skylar held her breath. There was no time to move, think, or get out of the car, so she closed her eyes and prepared for the crash. Seconds before impact, Mason’s car flew up into the air and over the trucks. Somehow, as if by magic, the water created a liquid bridge, guiding the car safely over, and then it thumped hard onto the ground on the other side. Without looking back, Mason sped away as the sound of screeching brakes and metal hitting metal blasted behind them. 

   Mary Ting

Meet Author Mary Ting:

International Bestselling, Award-Winning, Author Mary Ting/M. Clarke resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children's chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.  

Social Media Website Social Media Blog Social Media Facebook Social Media Twitter Social Media Pinterest Social Media Goodreads

Blast Giveaway Details and Entry Form:

$50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 6/13/16 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Book Spotlight & #Giveaway ~ The Wolf of Kaliningrad (Dubious, Book 3) by Sara Wylde @SarannaDeWylde

How far will she go for her family?

The Wolf of Kaliningrad
Dubious, Book 3
Sara Wylde

Genre: Contemporary romance

Publisher: All Romance eBooks

Date of Publication: May 1, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-943576-77-7

Word Count: 19k

Cover Artist: Erin Dameron Hill

About the Book: 

Lola Carter’s addict brother stole from the wrong man: the legendary Wolf of Kaliningrad, a scarred beast of a man who shows no pity and no mercy. When her brother is taken captive by the Wolf, Lola will do anything to save him. The Wolf offers to trade her life for her brother’s…if she’ll marry the monster. 

Only this is no beauty and the beast tale. The Wolf is about to learn that Lola is a fierce adversary who can be just as beastly when it comes to saving herself and claiming something she wants more than anything else: her monster’s black heart.

Purchase Links:

Read an Excerpt: 

His suit was Valentino. 

She could tell by the texture of the decadent fabric against her naked skin when he grabbed her from behind. The leather of the gloved hand across her mouth was finely made, butter-soft. Lola Carter didn’t even think of screaming. She knew who held her, and no amount of screaming, begging, or crying could save her now. 

Nothing, except maybe the money she’d hidden in her dressing room. 

“Do you know who I am?” His voice was rough, like great boulders grinding against each other. 

She nodded her head as much as she was able. The man who held her, naked after her turn on stage at the Pink Lagoon, was the mighty Wolf of Kaliningrad. He was a stone cold killer with no heart, no mercy. His only god was power, and his communion was money. 

Money her brother had stolen from him.

“Good.” His harsh whisper sent shivers down her spine. “I take my hand away from your mouth, you won’t scream.” He slowly removed his hand from her mouth. 

She didn’t scream. Didn’t so much as breathe deeply. Lola knew her life was in his hands.

“Lo. Hey, Lo?” a voice called out. “You okay?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Everything’s fine. Just taking a break in my dressing room.”

“Dressing room.” A snort sounded. “Girl, you putting on airs.”

“It is my dressing room. It locks. I have the key. It’s mine. But I’ll give it to you when I move on to bigger and greener pastures,” she teased. 

“Lola La Bang, moving on to better things than the Pink Lagoon? Girl, I know you will. If only so I get that dressing room. Don’t take too long,” Peaches Crème said as she peeked around the corner. “Oh, you busy. I see.” Peaches flashed her a grin and went out for her set on the stage. 

“Dressing room. Now.”

She shivered again, suddenly hyperaware of the texture of his suit against her bare skin, the sound of his voice like a touch itself. 

Christ, what was wrong with her? She was hot for this guy just because of the feel of his suit. No, if she was honest, it was the leather gloves. Her utter vulnerability—had to be the female version of a fear boner. 

It just had to be. 

Lola led him through the darkened hallways until they came to a couple of doors in the back. It wasn’t really a dressing room, it was more like a large closet she’d co-opted for herself. She didn’t have anywhere else to hide the money, so she’d made a big show of requiring a dressing room. With the money she brought in to the Pink Lagoon, Carl would let her do just about anything, as long as it made him money instead of costing him. 

And her little closet she called a dressing room? Well, it didn’t cost him shit. 

As soon as the door closed, she reached to turn on the light, but his gloved hand closed over hers. 

“No lights.”

About the Author:

Sara Wylde is the crackfic contemporary pen name for PNR/UF author Saranna DeWylde. She rather imagines that all the pen names live in the same dorm in her head and frequently have discussions that look and sound something like an episode of Herman's Head. For more information on other books by Sara, visit her website:

Social Media Links:

Tour Giveaway: 

3 eBook copes of SCREWED by Sam Crescent

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Still Looking for Tour Hosts ~ This Night Sucks by Elizabeth J.M. Walker #YA #Vampires @MirrorWorldPub

Hello everyone!  

I'm still looking for hosts for 
This Night Sucks by Elizabeth J.M. Walker

Details are below on the sign up form!

Thank you :)

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Book Review ~ Braking for Bodies (A Cycle Path Mystery, Book 2) by Duffy Brown

About Braking for Bodies:

It’s murder and a mystery weekend on Mackinac Island for the rag reporter, his mistress and the wife who wants them both dead.

No one knows why Peephole Perry came all the way to Mackinac from LA, but when he winds up dead things are looking bad for Evie’s BFF who once worked for the jerk. Now Evie has to gear up and get a grip on the truth if she wants to clear her friend and find a killer.

Book Details:

Series: A Cycle Path Mystery (Book 2)

Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: Berkley

Publish Date: April 5, 2016

ISBN-10: 0425268950

ISBN-13: 978-0425268957

Amazon Link:

My Review of Book 1, Geared for the Grave:

My Review of Braking for Bodies:

Welcome back to Duffy Brown's mystery series set on Mackinac Island (  This time, Evie is settled in and the issues from Book 1 are merely memories.  The Lilac Festival is upon the island, bringing multitudes of people from all over.  Nate Sutter's mother is also trying to plan her wedding.

Evie, being Maid of Honor, has the task of retrieving the wedding dress from one of the ferries coming to shore.  As the tourists disembark, a particularly nasty tourist confronts one of Evie's friends.  The ado causing so much of a stir that Evie doesn't notice the wrong name on the package she signs for - and thus begins the story of Braking for Bodies.

The tourist causing the ruckus is the former boss of Fiona, Evie's best friend. Claiming Fiona owes him, Perry comes to the island to hide out - but from whom and why?  When he winds up dead, it is time for Evie to dust off her detective's cap and figure out how to prevent her friend from being framed for a murder she didn't commit.

As I did with book 1, I instantly fell in love with the characters; they were written so well. Evie is wonderful protagonist. She puts herself in potentially dangerous situations, leading some of the townsfolk to aid and abet, others to consider her nothing but trouble, and the frustration she causes the interim-Chief-of-Police, Nate Sutter - case-wise and personally - is fantastic.  That frustration is very evident yet again in Breaking for Bodies, and the chemistry between Evie and Nate?  Totally palpable.

Evie is a very likable character. Even though she comes from a stuffy family of lawyers, Evie is pretty down-to-earth. She's friendly, helpful, and you can tell that she truly loves the people around her and the crazy lifestyle on the island. Her talent in painting the bicycles in the shop she co-owns with Rudy gives their rental store a unique advantage over other bicycle rental places on the island.

Fiona grew up on Mackinac Island but left to pursue her dream to become a reporter.  Fiona has only been back on the island for about a year, after a stint in L.A. working for sleazy magazine called Inside Scoop.  Fiona is a great side kick to Evie, even when Fiona is the possible suspect.  She's funny and manages to sidestep the law while she and Evie try to figure out what's going on.

Nate Sutter - oh, hot cop - is a former Detroit cop.  He is now part of the island's local law enforcement team. All Nate wants for his mother's wedding to go off without a hitch;  he doesn't plan on another murder and the mayhem that follows.  And then there's Evie - She's been a thorn in his side from day one - and I love their chemistry!

I thoroughly enjoyed the craziness of the townies and the way the plot twists all over the place. There are so many people that are brought in, developed, suspected, and then discarded that you will have no problem staying engaged in Braking for Bodies. I had a hard time putting the book down.

I've read all three of Duffy's released Consignment Shop Mysteries, as well. She always provides great reads!!

I received a paperback ARC of Braking for Bodies from the author, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My Rating:

Exclusive Excerpt from Black Lightning by K.S. Jones #SciFi #MiddleGrade #Fantasy @MirrorWorldPub @KSJones2011

About Black Lightning:

Life moves on — no matter what...

Following his father’s puzzling disappearance and his mother’s death, ten-year-old Samuel Baker goes through the motions of living in a world turned upside down. He wears an Apache talisman, a long ago gift from his father, in hopes its promise of strength and guidance is true. But what he truly wants is the power to bring his parents back. 

Heartless Aunt Janis is elated at the prospect of becoming Samuel’s legal guardian. She is sure an orphan boy will elicit such an outpouring of public sympathy that her husband will win his Senate bid by a landslide. But when Grandpa Tate arrives, things don’t go as expected, especially when black lightning strikes!

From the award-winning author of Shadow of the Hawk

Title: Black Lightning

Author Name: K.S. Jones

Genre(s): Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Length: Approx. 132 pages

Release Date: May 17, 2016

Publisher:  Mirror World Publishing (

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Read an Excerpt:

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Aunt Janis snapped. “Why would I be crying?” She pushed a fallen flame-red curl to the side, away from her eyes. She turned to Uncle Jack and said, “I sent the photographer home. This blasted rain has ruined my makeup and now it’s wreaking havoc with my hair. We certainly don’t need pictures looking like this!” Hastily, she ushered Samuel toward their waiting car.

Dots of rain speckled the sheer scarf draped over Aunt Janis’s hair, making it look as if diamonds decorated its thin material. As she tottered across the rain-soaked lawn, her high heels popped in and out of the ground until her sludge-covered shoes slipped on a bare mud spot, nearly sliding out from under her. Samuel grabbed her arm to steady her steps. “Are you okay, Aunt Janis?”

“Just walk!” Looking down at Samuel, Aunt Janis eyed him head to toe. “You’ve got a lot to learn young man. A true gentleman would have thrown his coat down over that muddy mess so my feet wouldn’t have slipped.”

“The new suit you bought me is too small,” Samuel admitted. “I barely got the jacket on, but I’d be glad to throw it in the mud if I could get it off.”

Aunt Janis huffed, muttering words that sounded like ungrateful brat as she jerked his arm forward.

As they neared the car, Mr. Hollis, a family friend and their small town attorney, raced past Samuel shouting, “Senator!” Waving his arm as if hailing a taxi, he called out to Uncle Jack. “I’ll need everyone together at Tess’s house to go over the will. Can you gather the family and meet me there?”

Uncle Jack nodded as Samuel opened the rear car door of the Mercedes. Its leather seat squeaked as he scooted across to the middle. He used a handkerchief to wipe off the wet grass clippings that clung to his new shoes then he crumpled the dirty cloth and pushed it into the pocket of his coat. Aunt Janis had already warned him not to get the car dirty and Samuel had promised her he wouldn’t, so when a few blades of grass fell onto the carpeted floorboard, he picked them up, one-by-one, and tucked them inside his pants pocket. He waited for Grandpa Tate to get in beside him.

“See you at the house,” Aunt Janis called out before sliding into the front passenger seat. Uncle Jack closed the back door then grasped the steering wheel, pulling himself inside.

“Isn’t Grandpa Tate coming with us?” Samuel asked.

“He can follow us in his taxi, Sam,” Aunt Janis said. “Goodness knows,” she whispered to Uncle Jack, “I’d hate to have to make small talk with that old coot.”

“Don’t call him names, Janis,” Uncle Jack said as he glanced at Samuel in the rear-view mirror.

“I simply can’t wait to read tomorrow’s newspaper!” Placing her hands in the air before her, Aunt Janis squared her thumb and forefinger on each hand to frame an imaginary headline: “SENATOR JACK TAYLOR ADOPTS ORPHAN BOY. You’re sure to win re-election now!”

“If you’ve forgotten the magic that lives in a child’s heart, this book will remind you. Black Lightning is a rare and beautiful mythic journey about one boy’s struggle with paralyzing grief and the powerful bonds that can carry a person through this world and beyond...” W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear USA TODAY and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling authors of People of the Thunder

Meet the Author:

Karen (K.S.) Jones grew up in California, but now lives in the beautiful Texas Hill Country northwest of San Antonio with her husband, Richard, and their dogs Jack Black, Libby Loo, and Red Bleu. Black Lightning is her first middle-grade novel. She credits her love of fantasy to the early influences of authors J.R.R. Tolkien, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells. Her award-winning first novel, Shadow of the Hawk, a Young Adult Historical, released in 2015.

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